It is usually necessary to book electric bikes well in advance.

Days1 Day234567
Comfort Bike 21324355667789
Hardtail mtb2843587388102117
Full suspension mtb3046638096112129
Road Bike35537089106125144
Touring Bike2843587388102117
Tandem (mtb or road)35537089106125144
Child Bike 10162127323843
E-comfort Bike35537089106125144
E-hardtail mtb37577797117137157
E-full-suspension mtb405979100121141162
E-road bike405979100121141162
Number of Days891011121314
Comfort Bike99110120130140150160
Hardtail mtb131144157170184197210
Full suspension mtb144159174189204219234
Road Bike160176193209225242259
Touring Bike131144157170184197210
Tandem (mtb or road)160176193209225242259
Child Bike48535863687378
E-comfort bike160176193209225242259
E-hardtail mtb175192210228246265283
E-full suspension mtb180198216235253273291
E-road bike180198216235253273291

Under 14s are half price, even on an adult bike (electric bikes excluded).

We can offer discounts on groups of 10 or more. Please contact us for details.

Optional Extras

Child SeatComfort Bike price x0.2
TrailerComfort Bike price x0.4
Panier1€ per day

(Only available with adult bike hire)

Delivery Charges:
Free delivery up to 15km either side of Ste Enimie along D907.
Delivery outside these areas is possible, please ask for a quote

We accept cash or a French cheque, when you receive the bikes.
No deposit is needed.

You will be asked to sign a contract upon hire. Here is a copy

* Price for electric mountain bike includes Mellow Cover