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Terms and Conditions

These conditions apply to the hire contract established on the reverse side of this document, the lessee having read and understood them and having accepted them without restriction.

The lessor, from now on referred to as “the lessor”, makes available on hire to the lessee, from now on referred to as “the lessee”, bicycles and accessories, from now on referred to as “the equipment”, in an adequate state of function. The equipment is listed in the contract. It is the lessee’s responsibility to check the condition of the equipment when he/she takes possession of it. If he/she notices a problem, he/she should notify the lessor before using the equipment in order to enable the lessor to repair or exchange the equipment. The lessee should also notify the lessor of any possible deterioration. No later claim will be accepted: the equipment will be deemed to have been accepted by the lessee in perfect condition at the time of taking possession.

The lessee will use the equipment strictly in accordance with its purpose.

The lessee is personally responsible for any infraction of the rules of the road (Code de la Route) and for any personal injuries or damage to the equipment which he/she causes by use of the equipment in his/her possession (Articles 1383 and 1384 of the Code Civil).

The insurance “Chef de famille” [household insurance] or “Responsabilité Civile vie privée” [personal liability insurance] etc covers damage caused to a third party by the lessee or his/her children while using the equipment.

The lessee will return the equipment at the latest by the time agreed with the lessor and the two parties will undertake a condition check of the equipment. The equipment must be returned in the same working condition and state of cleanliness as when the lessee took possession of it.

In the event of partial or total damage, or in case of theft or loss, the lessee must reimburse the cost of the equipment according to the rates established by the lessor, Mellow Vélos, within 8 days unless the lessee has paid the price of Mellow Cover – (GPS devices are not included in the Cover)*. In the event of theft or accident, the lessee should immediately notify the police or gendarmerie and the lessor should be notified at the same time.

*The costs of replacement by example:

Comfort Bike 400€ Electric Bike 1800€
Mountain Bike/ Touring Bike 900€ GPS for Bike 500€
Racing Bike 1200€ GPS for Geocaching 200€

In the event of a breakdown, except puncture, the lessee must telephone Mellow Vélos, who will decide whether the bike needs to be repaired by Mellow Vélos or by a local repair service on site, or whether the bike should be replaced. The cost of any repair arranged by the lessee will be reimbursed at the end of the hire period on presentation of the invoice.

It is forbidden:-
to modify the equipment hired
to undertake any repairs other than those which are strictly necessary
to ride on sand or on beaches
to sub-let the equipment
to carry a passenger other than a young child on the condition that the child is installed in a child seat provided by the lessor
to extend the hire period without the prior agreement of the lessor.

It is affirmed that the equipment remains the property of Mellow Vélos. Mellow Vélos reserves the right to take action against the lessee to obtain remedy for any harm of any kind under the framework of this contract.

(With an excess of 50€ per contract):

Covers the theft of the bicycle, damage and loss of accessories (except GPS)
Does not cover personal effects and personal injury.