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So as many of my friends here in Paraza and surrounds will attest Mellow Vélos will deliver pretty much anywhere in the region or pretty much anywhere. For many reasons it can be quite scary just how much driving we do and how much Google records.  There is no hiding – Vince stopped for coffee on the way back from Toulouse and Google sent me a review to complete.

























Along with the driving I seem to spend an inordinate amount of time in carparks all over the region waiting for complete strangers to appear – in some countries this practise is often illegal.

So I thought I would show you some of my favourite delivery locations

1 Colliure

oysters at Collioure




















A beautiful location a bit hilly but perfect for an electric bike or a road bike.  I like delivering her as it usually means a glass of wine and a plate of oysters before we return home. www.visitcollioure.co.uk


















Who does not like a trip to the medieval city of Carcassonne and its many carparks. We probably visit Carcassonne at least once per day in the summer delivering bikes to clients who want to ride Carcassonne to Narbonne or Carcassonne to Sete.  Many of our clients who start their bike holiday in Carcassonne are from Tour companies such as Macs Adventures, Inn Travel, S-Cape, DeTours in France and LoveVelo but we also have a large number of independent travellers who we work with on routes, accommodation and baggage transfers. This is probably my favourite carpark in Carcassonne.


Mellow Vélos van in a carpark






































We probably deliver our hire bikes to Toulouse once or twice a week to both Tour Company clients such as DeTours in France and private clients who are cycling the Canal du Midi from Toulouse to Sete.  We normally do not use carparks but illegally parked on the pavement with our magic parking lights on.  Toulouse is a vibrant cosmopolitan city with amazing restaurants and pavement cafes.  If we have time we will wander into the centre of Toulouse and have a cup of coffee but we never seem to have time for a visit to Primani.   https://www.toulouse-tourisme.com/

If you want to follow my adventures in carparks please follow us on instragram #mellowvelosparaza




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Mellow Vélos gains and Acuil Vélo award

At Mellow Vélos we specialise the bike hire on the Canal du Midi and surrounds and today we were presented with an Accueil Vélo plaque which is a French Quality Mark for Cycle Tourism.  It means that you can be guaranteed that when you hire a bike from Melow Velos you can be sure our bikes are safe clean and well maintained.

Accueil Vélo presentation

Vince receiving his plaque on behalf of Mellow Vélos. Paraza was also represented by Lucile Danglas from Chateau Paraza and Marcel Fatti from St Pierre Epicerie.

With Accueil Vélo, be a well-treated guest by France Vélo Tourisme’s partners !

This quality mark is similar to that you’ll find in certain other countries (e.g. Cyclists Welcome in UK, Bett & Bike in Germany or Welcome Cyclists around Quebec)

In France the quality mark Accueil Vélo concerns:

  • Accommodation
  • Restaurants
  • Tourist Offices
  • Bike rental and repair companies 
  • Places to visit

This mark refers to service providers located less than 5 km from a cycle route.

Thanks to Accueil Vélo, enjoy a warm welcome on France’s véloroutes and greenways !

Accueil Vélo, it’s the guarantee for the cyclist of :

  • Being within 5km of a cycle route
  • Having adapted equipment for cyclists: secured bicycle shelter, repair kit
  • Benefitting from a warm welcome (useful information and advice (routes, weather, etc…)
  • Having services adapted to cyclists: luggage transfert, washing and drying of linen, bicycle rental, bicycles washing…
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Testing our Hire Bikes

Image may contain: 1 person, bicycle and outdoor

So following on from all your lovely comments about Geoff I thought I would show the dedication that we at Mellow Vélos have to the quality of our product. We service our bikes after every rental but after a specified number of rentals or kilometres we test our bikes by riding them. This includes our children’s bikes. For some reason as I allocate who services what bikes I always seem to have to test the electrics and Geoff gets the rest. Here is Geoff testing a child’s bike. #mellowvelosparaza #bikehirecanaldumidi #holidaysinthesouthoffrance #canaldumidiavelo #cyclehirelangeudoc #bikehirefrance #veloelectriquefrance #wwgd #letsmakegeofffamous 
Image may contain: 1 person, bicycle and outdoor
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