Getting Back into Cycling

It seems like every day we read something in the papers or on social media about the benefits that regular cycling can have to your mind, body, health and sex life! So if this is true, how come more of us are not out on our bikes enjoying the amazing countryside we live in?
In our experience, and based on the Clients who come to us to hire bikes, we hear many of the same tales:
I have not been on a bike for over 20 years;

  • Fear of cycling on the road;
  • Uncertainty that I may not be able to keep up with my family group;
  • Bikes have moved on since I last rode, and I am not sure I could work those new-fangled gears.

We at Mellow Vélos are passionate about getting people back into cycling or simply into the saddle so that more people can enjoy the benefits of a gentle and safe cycling regime.

To this end we have put together a couple of free courses to support and develop your riding skills, increase your confidence on a bike and help you choose the right bike for you.

We have developed a 2-part course that we call

Introduction to Modern Cycling
Or: How to love bikes and be a mellow cyclist!

The course will be run in the form of 2 parts:

Part 1

A two-hour course that will introduce you gently to:

  • Bike Familiarity – A brief introduction to the modern bike – we will show you and let you try out a number of different types of bike so you don’, including electric bikes, so you can see which is right for you and the way you want to use a bike;


  • What type of bike is best for me? – an overview of the different types of bike, and how they differ – demystifying gear systems so you don’t have to ride only on flat roads!


  • What you need to know to make best use of your bike: – simple maintenance procedures to best look after your bike, including pumping your tyres, oiling your chain and checking brake wear.


Part 2

A 2/3 hour session designed to reinforce your basic riding skills, including:

  • Bike Control: mounting your bike, setting off, braking and dismounting safely and comfortably;


  • Balance Skills: riding in a straight line, turning corners, riding through gaps;
    Riding on the Road:


  • Are you sitting comfortably?: Seat height adjustment, bike sizing, handle bar height;
    Climbing and Descending: How to go uphill and downhill safely.


For Part 2 you can bring your own bike or we can supply you one for a small fee (10€ for a VTC and 15€ for an electric bike).

Course location
Mellow Velos – Paraza
2 Route Neuve
11200 Paraza

Course Dates
Wednesday 17th April 2019
1000 hrs – 1200hrs – Part 1
1330 hrs – 1700hrs – Part 2

Wednesday 24th April 2019
1000 hrs – 1200hrs – Part 1
1300 hrs – 1430hrs – Part 2

To book please email telling us which date you would like, which course(s) you would like to do. Places strictly limited to 6 per session

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Family Bike Hire for 2019 – Special Pack price

Bike hire post

If you’re staying in one location for a week then bike hire with a Mellow Vélos Family Pack might be of interest.

Take off on a worry-free ride anytime you like during your holiday stay. And with our 5 day hire package you’ll always have a bike ready to ride down to the boulangerie or get the kids out for a dose of fresh air.

5 Day hire of 2 Adult Comfort bikes and 1child bike. 140€

Extra child 25€.  Extra Day 20€ plus 5€ for extra children